Of MAD's Big Money, Ninjas, Kansers, Hoodies and more Madness

MAD (aka Jeremy Madl) is bringing BLING to the month of October/November, starting with some personal blinkage with the Big Money limited edition Necklace:

produced by Random Nature and distributed by DKE Toys, each Big Money piece and 30 inch ball chain are sterling silver with 18k gold plate, and comes with signed and numbered gold foil pressed print by MAD all in a beautiful black leatherette case and outer white box with vinyl Big Money gold logo. Limited to an edition of 250 pieces ... meanwhile i caught-up with MAD for a quick lowdown on his upcoming Ninja
Dunnys, Kansers and more MAD-induced Madness

TOYSREVIL: dude, you are on fire! Vandals, Dunny and now Ninjas, Hoodies and Kansers? seriously, do you have ninja-skills?

MAD: Thanks! Its been great seeing all this stuff finally drop. There's a few more things coming still :) ...and ninja skills....Ha... I wish.

TRE: was the Ninja Dunny [blogged] designed specifically as a toy in mind? or did it start as a 2D-drawing waiting to burst free?

MAD: It basically came from a bunch of dunny concepts sketches I did for KR.

TRE: what's the deal with Black Ninja? (as Snake-Eyes to Storm Shadow. heh) has he left his self-imposed training to venture forth in the vinyl-puglistic world? havoc-bringer, or truth seeker?

MAD: When KR asked me for sketches the ninja was a theme that stuck in my head. When I was a kid I loved cheesy ninja movies that invaded the US, and I had done a custom black ninja madl a few years ago that I really liked, so I based the styling off that.

TRE: so does wearing the hoodie give you ninja-powers?

MAD: LOL... feel free to try :) I think the hoodie came out great. KR is on top of things with that side of the business (clothing) so I let them handle it. I did design some for the Bent World Vandals, but have no release info as of yet.

TRE: sai or katana?

MAD: katana of course.

TRE: October seems to be the Month of MAD, including the Kanser-duo (black and white seems to be the theme of the day, with loadsa bling = sweet) what's up with the duo? who are they and do they have ninja powers too?

MAD: October/ November is nuts... actually things are gonna be nuts for me until NYCC is over. The Kansers are looking sick. ToyQube is doing a killer job with the production. I'll be getting test samples of the packaging soon, and once I sign off on it they'll be off and running. The design is based on some of my "Cappas" characters... only a night/ day version. There's a few different Cappas products coming over the next year or so.

TRE: ya know im gonna ask: any more toys lurking behind the wings in the month of Oct / Nov 2007? any secret ninja-moves you've yet to display?

MAD: Can't show anything, but yeah plenty. I have a full release schedule going well into next year. A pretty even mix of crossover projects and original designs. Should be fun :)

TRE: 'fun' is good. 'nuts' is even better (for your fans LOL) how is MAD doing? what is the world-of-MAD like now? are you enjoying every bit of it? or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

MAD: Still the same guy. Just now a lot busier. At the end of the day my family keeps me grounded. Nothing knocks the air out of an ego like changing a poopy diaper! Things business wise are really starting to take on a life of its own though. My client/ design work for MAD Toy Design, Inc is packed, and my new project (SOLID Industries) is getting going. A lot of my focus will be getting those machine working on their own... as long as I can keep them both up and running I'll be happy for the time being. I still have plenty planned for the next few years.

TRE: what's the new project for SOLID Industries' about? i see a Madness Dolbee (gotta lurve the name) on your flickr :)

MAD: yep, the Madness Dolbee is one of the projects I'm doing under the SOLID label. The MAD*L's are going to be another. The show that Madness will drop at is at a music festival in the UK called All Tomorrow's Parties. I was there last year and we got together again for another show. Instead of doing a MADL (like last year) we developed a whole new figure. Each time they invite another artist to their show a limited edition figure will be available designed by that artist.

TRE: i remember that ATP-Mad*L = t'was the first time i've ever contacted you about :))) - sounds totally cool, dude! cheers for the time and trouble and all the best in the madness of MAD! LOL

[original post circa 19.09.07]


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