Conquer The Galaxy With Onell Design's Glyos System Series

Onell Design, a new independent toy and comic company, is pleased to announce the debut of its Glyos System Series toy line. the new line features three different versions of Space Traveler PheydenStandard (blue), Gear’s Edge (sepia) and Phase (clear green) – and three versions of Prototype Sincroid ExellisStandard (midnight), Hyper (yellow) and Aves (red).
The Glyos System Series figures are produced using a full-color classic injection molding process, as opposed to the current rotocast toy trend. The durable PVC construction results in a unique aesthetic that appeals to the seasoned toy collector but can also withstand the rough play that comes with child’s active imagination.
each figure stands 2.75”-ers tall, has 12 points of articulation, and is guaranteed to “Survive the Pocket” - as an added bonus, all parts are fully interchangeable! window-boxed in unique packaging, both the Pheyden and Exellis toys come with a mini catalog and collector card. The figures are now available for US$10 each @ :)

... i had a chat with Matt Doughty (creator of Glyos System Series and
owner of Onell Design) about his creations ...

TOYSREVIL: how did the concept of Glyos System Series come about? what was it's genesis? what was it's influence?

MATT DOUGHTY: The Glyos System Series came as a response to the lack of an independently produced toy that was designed to actually play with as well as collect. My dream since childhood was to have a figure that you could carry around with you and play with, but would still hold together and embody the experiences that you had, like a mini-memory holder. During the 80’s the focus was on play patterns that banked on kids taking their toys outside. Those kids have grown into the present day collector market that has redefined the meaning of what a “toy” is. My intention is to take a slice from the old days and mix it with today’s visual aesthetic, creating a hybrid that appeals to adults as well as children. The major influence for the Glyos System Series came from Japanese and American toys from the early 80’s like Dougram, Votoms, Microman, Air Raiders, Manglords, and Battle Beasts just to name a few.

TRE: man, those names totally rung a bell or three for me! (im an '80's-child meself) reminds me loads of Microman/Micronauts - lurved them! ... so which came first? the comic or the toys?

MD: They happened simultaneously. It’s not unusual to be sculpting the figures and drawing the comics at the same time – one feeds the other. All the comics that we do are connected, with characters appearing in each others’ story lines all the time. Pheyden in particular appears in the Rechlen and Aves comic as a regular, and pops up in the Gear’s Edge comic as well.

TRE: was Glyos System Series ever conceived to be turned into a toy?

MD: Yes. The original goal was to have independently produced figures that were supported by original comics.

TRE: why 2.75"-ers? why not bigger? 6"-er? heck, a 12"-er! LOL

MD: To Survive the Pocket”. All of my favorite toys were always tiny, and spent most of their time in my pocket. That was always the test … could the little guy withstand a day of rough play? Eventually these select toys would make it into the “Hall of Fame” and be retired. I actually still do this! That being said, we will be releasing some slightly larger figures around December.

TRE: you're currently launching Space Traveler Pheyden and Prototype Sincroid Exellis - what about the rest of the squad?

MD: Sarvonic Gendrone Gobon is next, created by my wife Michelle. We also have a small scale alien called Crayboth in the works for mass production. You can see these guys on our blog at and check out what we’re kicking around for new ideas.

TRE: *i <3 robots* LOL ... any further plans for the Glyos System Series-figures? any accessories? weapons, vehicle sets? (all the hallmarks of 80's toys LOL)

MD: We plan to produce accessory kits that contain weapons, tools, alternate body parts, mini aliens, etc. Hopefully we will get around to making some vehicles … or maybe Biosuits.

TRE: me eyes lit-up on "bio-suits"! LOL - what are Glyos System Series' galaxy domination plans?

MD: We just want to bring something fresh and fun to our fellow collectors and their kids.

TRE: i liked that you mentioned "collectors and their kids" - becoz it's not just the collectibility of a figure, but also shared fun, IMHO ... tell us a bit about Onell Design, Matt...

MATT DOUGHTY: My wife and I have owned and operated Onell Design for about four years. We started out selling a few original comics and hand cast figures at a convention or two, and it grew from there. We hope to continue producing original figures and comics that people enjoy.

TOYSREVIL: thanks for your time and trouble Matt! good luck and looking forward to more cool stuff from Onell Design!

About Onell Design:

Onell Design, a small independent company owned and operated by a husband and wife team, is dedicated to producing original toys and comics. All products are created in limited runs to ensure collectability, paving the way for innovative new projects. The Glyos System Series is the brainchild of Matt Doughty, founder of Onell Design, who is responsible for the conceptual artwork, character design, sculpting, and figure packaging. Onell Design also produces several original comics, including Gear’s Edge, Rechlen and Aves, MicroShow and Sidrick.
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[original post circa 17.08.07]


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