artist interview: doktor a and his spookypop customs

(circa 21.10.06)

you've seen his inspired customs constantly featured in me humble blog (see bottom of post for links). you see his work being fawned over at forum boards and online toy-entities, now read about the good Doktor.A in a short interview i've had with him just:

TOYSREVIL: how do the concepts of your creations and customs came about? what inspires you?

DOKTOR.A: Anything can inspire me. I dont really know where ideas come from. I get ideas and doodle a little sketch in a note book and then forget it. Sometimes the idea lingers and demands attention. They can get used for toys or paintings, sculptures or just drawings.

TRE: how did you decide on the execution and presentation of your toys?

DOK: Each piece demands a different approach. Some can be just paint, some need a lot of sculpting or construction. I think up the character and that dictates the direction.

TRE: what is your favourite medium?

DOK: I use Acrylic paints. Can't stand Oils.. Its the stink, gives me a headache. Plus i am too impatient for them.

TRE: what do you prefer, a paint-job or a customization of form?

DOK: I prefer simple paint jobs as opposed to chopping the toy about too much. I think they are a purer piece of work. Having said that, there are some projects which require construction of some sort. I like to try and keep a balence with those and not simply sculpt everything onto a figure. I mean i may as well sculpt one from scratch if I am going to do that.

TRE: tell us about your creations. do they have a little story of their own even before you start on them?

DOK: I give them all names which may indicate a backstory but I dont sit down and work the story out. I think as i do more pieces there are links appearing between them and common threads which could be tied together, but I haven't tried yet.

TRE: are there any further development of your creations planned? are there any (secret) Doktor.A toys coming our way? :p

DOK: I have a bunch of toy lines sketched out in various stages or presentation. I have approched toy companies with concepts. All I can say is you will have to wait and see. If anyone out there with a production company wants to get in touch about my ideas I am more than happy to talk to them.

TRE: tell us about yourself. what's your "dayjob"?

DOK: This is my day job.. I am an Industrial Modelmaker by trade. I freelance as an Illustrator and prototyper/sculptor. So making toys is one of the things i do for a living and have done for the last 15 years or so. Its just nice that right now the work that goes into them is started to be recognized as a legitimate artform.

TRE: what/who are your influences?

DOK: Ooh too many to mention and is grows every day. I love pen and ink illustration and fantasy/concept artwork. People like Ray Harryhausen and Brian Froud and Lee Brown Coye. As far as the toy world is concerned i love what Tweeqim are doing. MiQ's stuff was a reason i decided to step up my game with the customising and see where i could push it. he is the hands down master of custom toys, just look at his Ouija Mad*L...

I am not much one for the "street art" thing though I do enjoy a lot that I see on the web from the likes of D*Face and Banksy. I dont understand the whole grafitti/tagging thing at all.

TRE: please tell us what you hope for your creations/customs to do, for you and the vinyl-toy collector.

DOKTOR.A: I hope each of my pieces makes people happy viewing them. There is rarely a message to any of them. They are purely decorative art or craft pieces. I hope the collectors who commission them cherish them for a long time, even if the art toy scene dies away.

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and effort for this interview and can't wait to see your new works!

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